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Greetings to all my friends, colleagues, and clients in district energy.  I will be shutting down my website as of June 30th, 2023. Being able to make good friends in district energy and work with them on meaningful projects has made my career most enjoyable. Many thanks to all of you for the support you have given me in a variety of ways. It has been a great 45-year run since my introduction to district energy in 1978. I couldn’t have done it without you.

So what’s next?  I think it will be a mix of more volunteer work, taking jazz piano lessons, time away from Minnesota winters, more good books, visits with family and friends, a little more golf and tennis, and…maybe a district energy project here and there.

I will still be available via phone and text at 612.805.6695. My new email address will be

When it comes to district energy, Kattner Associates gives you the best of both worlds.

With 40+ years in the industry, Jack Kattner of Kattner Associates LLC knows – inside out – how district heating and district cooling enterprises work.

We know the industry.

40+ years of proven, long-term relationships with clients in the district heating, district cooling and combined heat and power industry.

We get to know you – and your role in your community.

Your asset management issues, your customers and their downtown or campus building needs, your strategic planning goals, and your community’s growth initiatives.

We help you do it right the first time

by providing consulting services that hit the mark.


Jack has been a part of the management team at a leading district energy company as well as a consulting engineer in district energy and related practice areas.  His career in district energy includes positions of increasing leadership, including serving as president   and CEO of FVB Energy Inc., a consulting engineering and management firm whose parent company is based in Sweden.

As head of Kattner Associates, Jack has spearheaded district energy projects throughout North America, working with dozens of organizations as an extension of their organization in management, marketing and customer relationship management.

Sometimes the challenge is to develop new systems; others, to expand existing ones – no matter their stage of development. Always, Jack brings with him a collegial working environment that encourages information exchange and team building.

In spite of his vast experience, Jack continues to learn about the industry and how it can work best in the “new economy.” According to Jack, “We have to create the tomorrow in this market. It is the perfect time for us to be planting seeds so we are ready to grow our district energy systems in the years ahead.”

Learn more here about the markets Jack serves.

Give Jack a call today to discover how he can help your organization accomplish its goals and objectives – and make a positive mark on the community you serve.


By bringing on Jack Kattner of Kattner Associates as part of your team, you can take your next steps with confidence and comfort – and enjoy the working relationship along the way. That’s because Jack doesn’t just give advice and walk away. He is a consultant who becomes part of who you are – and what you want your organization to be.

Kattner Associates can

REPOSITION your system for even greater value – for customers, investors or campus leaders. We’ll access the information that matters:

  • Organizational reviews and management audits
  • Business case formulation and analyses
  • Market density and characterization studies

DEVELOP and implement sales and marketing plans that create growth

  • Assess the real opportunities and determine the real decision makers
  • Understand your customers’ businesses – their concerns, goals, challenges
  • Package district heating and district cooling service as a solution

ANALYZE new business opportunities

  • Evaluate planned building development opportunities
  • Plan system development
  • Manage assets for growth

EVALUATE the effectiveness of management procedures

  • Characterize internal relationships and identify external relationships
  • Evaluate consistency of messages – internal and external
  • Perform skills assessments and audit management procedures – from every perspective

CREATE and negotiate service agreements and rate structures

  • Offer short- and long-term perspective with customers and owners in mind
  • Evaluate capacity- and consumption-based
  • Accommodate private, investor-owned or municipally owned systems

COACH marketing and sales personnel

  • Expand and enhance experience base of local marketing personnel
  • Translate district energy speak into customer speak throughout the organization
  • Sell the experience vs. the expense, create possibilities vs. solving problems, talk value vs. price and agreements vs. contracts

Kattner Associates LLC

Your district energy development and management resource.

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(612) 805-6695 (call or text)

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