By bringing on Jack Kattner of Kattner Associates as part of your team, you can take your next steps with confidence and comfort – and enjoy the working relationship along the way. That’s because Jack doesn’t just give advice and walk away. He is a consultant who becomes part of who you are – and what you want your
organization to be.

Kattner Associates can

REPOSITION your system for even greater value – for customers, investors or campus leaders. We’ll access the information that matters:

  • Organizational reviews and management audits
  • Business case formulation and analyses
  • Market density and characterization studies

DEVELOP and implement sales and marketing plans that create growth

  • Assess the real opportunities and determine the real decision makers
  • Understand your customers’ businesses – their concerns, goals, challenges
  • Package district heating and district cooling service as a solution

ANALYZE new business opportunities

  • Evaluate planned building development opportunities
  • Plan system development
  • Manage assets for growth

EVALUATE the effectiveness of management procedures

  • Characterize internal relationships and identify external relationships
  • Evaluate consistency of messages – internal and external
  • Perform skills assessments and audit management procedures – from every perspective

CREATE and negotiate service agreements and rate structures

  • Offer short- and long-term perspective with customers and owners in mind
  • Evaluate capacity- and consumption-based
  • Accommodate private, investor-owned or municipally owned systems

COACH marketing and sales personnel

  • Expand and enhance experience base of local marketing personnel
  • Translate district energy speak into customer speak throughout the organization
  • Sell the experience vs. the expense, create possibilities vs. solving problems, talk value vs. price and agreements vs. contracts


Markets served


  • Communities
  • Campuses
  • Utilities
  • Investors
  • Financial and technical advisors

             Kattner Associates LLC – Your district energy development and management resource