Case Study Details

Kattner Associates has helped create nearly a dozen new district cooling businesses for existing electric utilities across the U.S. and Canada.

Existing electric utilities in nearly a dozen major U.S. and Canadian cities.

Long-term assignments with each utility to create a brand-new district cooling business where there wasn’t any before.

Key services provided

  • Worked with electric utilities to introduce them to this new business opportunity and evaluate business potential through market research in community.
  • Performed business characterization studies and market assessments for district cooling.
  • Performed feasibility assessment, schematic design and cost estimate.
  • Reduced utility’s peak demand by convincing customers to switch to district cooling.
  • Eventually implemented new businesses; all of them continue in operation.

The Kattner difference
Kattner Associates lent a critical perspective to each project by knowing how the technology, economics and marketing would fit together, and what issues needed to be overcome for the venture to succeed. We understood market size, the importance of age and condition of prospects’ existing chillers, and multiple viewpoints - the client’s, their customers’ and their customers’ tenants and residents. Our prior direct sales experience allowed us to put ourselves in their shoes, so the offering had a better chance of being positively received.

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Markets Served

  • City and county governments
  • College, university and medical center campuses
  • Investor-owned utilities
  • Municipally owned utilities
  • Private industry
  • Cooperatives
  • Financial, legal, engineering advisors and consultants
  • Energy industry investors


“We hired Jack Kattner to help refine our vision for a chilled-water system in Detroit. Jack guided our thought process from concept to plan, then through strategic implementation and a tactical approach with anchor customer prospects. From brainstorming in the conference room to detailed contract development and customer presentations, Jack’s input was invaluable. His experience brought instant credibility to conversations with key constituents throughout the process.”


Scott Barr
Director of Business Development
Detroit Renewable Energy

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