Case Study Details

Kattner Associates worked with a major municipal water utility in the western United States to expand water utility services to include district cooling, which enabled it to save fresh water and
conserve energy.

Major municipal water utility in western U.S. serving new medical and research campus.


  • To expand water utility services to include a new district cooling business unit.
  • Provide air conditioning to a new medical and research campus while saving fresh water and conserving energy – both critical to the region.

Key services provided

  • Opportunity assessment: Helped client determine where and how they could do this project.
  • Concept development: Showed client engineering opportunities and organizational and financial implications.
  • Worked with corporate counsel to develop service agreement and rate structure.
  • Developed patented, centralized Deep Well Saltwater Cooling System.
  • Teamed with mechanical consulting engineering firm to design and implement the system, which uses two extraction wells to supply cold saltwater from a depth of
    750 ft.
  • Managed project during detailed design and construction.

The Kattner difference

Kattner Associates coached the client on all the nuances of the district energy business, effectively helping the client add a whole new business unit that accomplished the client’s objectives and provided benefits to their customer: The customer is saving approximately 25 million gallons of drinking water and $750,000 in air conditioning costs every year compared to using a traditional onsite chiller.*

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Markets Served

  • City and county governments
  • College, university and medical center campuses
  • Investor-owned utilities
  • Municipally owned utilities
  • Private industry
  • Cooperatives
  • Financial, legal, engineering advisors and consultants
  • Energy industry investors

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